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Content is one of the most valuable components of modern online course. There are different approaches, but the most important ones are:

  • Text;
  • Images and photos;
  • Videos. provides a chance to publish any type of such content types and this list will be extended soon.

Basic course components

We have created simple drag-and-drop lesson builder, so you can upload your content to the platform. saves both types of content, so you do not have to think about any additional platforms.

We do have some constraints for your photo content. Each image has to be less than 1 Mb, but you can store unlimited amount of pictures.

If you are trying to upload heavier image, you will get an error message. You can shrink image size to fit our limit.

Adding video content

Video content is a valuable part of any online course. allows publishers embed video content from other platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo or any other.

To publish video content, you should just add url link to video file - content will be shown at your lesson.

Last updated 2 months ago

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