Creating separate online school

Online education requires high level of transparency and comfort for both students and tutor. As a cloud-based LMS platform, gives you a chance to create separate spaces for publishing online courses.

What is cabinet in

Cabinet is a separate subdomain, where tutor can publish content. Each cabinet contains independent list of students for registration and authorisation. This approach has both disadvantages and advantages, but our tutors say that this solution is the best one for new users. Each student has to create new account at each subdomain.

When should I create new cabinet?

If you want to publish at least one online course, you need to create new cabinet. This process can be completed through My cabinets section in the main menu.

If you do not have any cabinets, you can not start creating online course.

It might be good idea to create new cabinets if you:

  • Create online courses with different topics or professional areas.
  • Want to test different pricing or tutor approaches.
  • Need different domains for wide ranges of areas.

What constraints do I have?

We do our best to optimize your payments for our service at We let our tutors have unlimited amount of cabinets at Pro+ Plan, and only one cabinet for free plan. The amount of cabinets is the only constraint, so feel free to test our opportunities.

Can I delete my cabinet?

Yes, sure. We provide such opportunity. You can find Delete button at cabinet page. Note that deleting cabinet can not be reversed from your cabinet. If have deleted it by mistake, please contact support - we will do our best to help you.

There are some consequences of deletion:

  • All courses inside cabinet will be deleted.
  • Student will lose access to your content and course completion progress.
  • Other content creators can use your custom subdomain for there own purposes.

Deleted cabinets are not counted in amount of created cabinets, so you can create new one if have exceeded limit in your subscription plan.

Cabinet creation progress

You can start creating new cabinet through My Cabinets section in main menu by clicking plus sign or "Create new cabinet" button. We have extended tutorial in cabinet settings page in our FAQ.

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