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When you finish sign up process on, you have a SkillMentor Account. Your account gives you a chance to manage your account information, your online schools and courses.

We provide free trial period for the first 30 days, so you can test almost every opportunity of our platform, but still there are some constraints.

Main page of user cabinet contains a menu, which helps you easily use all opportunities.

There are 2 main sections:


Dashboard section includes such subsections as:

  • My cabinets;
  • My students;
  • My subscription.

Account settings section includes:

  • Edit profile;
  • Security;
  • Notifications;
  • Sign Out.

Dashboard section: overview

Dashboard section helps you control all settings over your online schools. You can find additional description in another articles of our FAQ. We highly recommend you to explore them to get all necessary details.

Account settings section

You should complete your account settings after signup process, because this information might be used in future to publish your first online course. If you do not want to provide personal details - do not worry, you can do it later.

Profile information

You can control personal information through "Edit profile" section. Through this menu you can:

  • Update picture of your personal account.
  • Provide personal info.

Personal information includes first and last name, your birthday and region. We need this info for creating payment invoices. If you have not provided info, we will ask you again before creating subscription payment.

You can change or clear your personal info at any time. We do not store your personal information after deletion.

Security settings

Security has a high value for and we are doing our best to do it the easiest way for our customers. Through Security section you can update your email address or password.

If you want to update your password, you have to provide:

  • Old password;
  • New password and its confirmation.

We provide some requirements for new passwords. It should be 8 symbols at least.

Notifications page

We do our best to make our communication with customers really transparent. That's why we provide wide range of settings for email communications. You can turn off all email notifications, but we might still send some important security notifications to keep your account safe.

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