Managing course access

Managing student access often becomes a big deal for many content creators. One of the most valuable functions of any LMS platform is making this process easy and understandable. helps creators control student access to any course in couple clicks.

How to give student an access to course?

There are 2 ways to give student access:

  • Manually import students.
  • Give access to a student, who has already signed up in your cabinet.

As we mentioned before, cabinet is a separate "online school", so student with one email will have access to certain cabinet. If you have separate cabinets, student has to complete registration process in each one.

Can payment be completed through

Payment is very important for online school, but the most important goal of is providing modern platform for publishing content, not keeping payments. You can get fees via comfortable way outside of our platform and then import student email.

Tutors usually use PayPal or Stripe to get payments, the choice is yours.

Last updated 2 months ago

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